September 18, 2021

Join us for an exciting day full of events, music, and art show and more!

Compete In The Lumberjack Event!

Pancake Breakfast

Enjoy a delicious hearty pancake breakfast with sweet butter and syrup drizzled over your pancakes with a side of bacon and served with coffee.  There is also pecan pancakes available.  This hearty meal will get you going for the day's events ! Breakfast will be 7:30am to noon at Zenith Park.

Kids Activities

Kid's will love getting to do the Wood Disk Throw.

 Test your skills with the log roll race.


9:00 am:  Singing of "The Star Spangled Banner"

9:15am: Sponsorship Announcements

9:20 am: Competition Begins

Schedule of Events

  • Women’s Axe Throw
  • Men’s Axe Throw
  • 0-60cc Chain Saw
  • Men’s Single Buck
  • Women’s Single Buck
  • 60cc to 5 cubic in. Saw
  • Underhand Chop
  • Over 5 in. Saws

Half Time: Kid's Competition

  • Men’s Double Buck
  • Jack and Jill Buck
  • Standing Block Chop
  • Women’s Double Buck
  • Obstacle Choker Race
  • Women’s Chainsaw
  • Open Modified Chain Saw
  • The Hot Saw
  • Relay

Click for Rules

Come join us September 18, 2021 for our Fall Art Show in the wonderful fall weather at 9000 feet in the Southern Mountains of New Mexico. We hope to make this years show the best yet!

Show hours will be 10 am until 5 pm Saturday. Events will include the show, music, food, quality judging and targeted advertising to well established Cloudcroft markets.


There is much to be inspired by the village of Cloudcroft. The natural outdoor beauty, the charming and historical Burro Ave. with its equally charming businesses scattered throughout the area. The bright vibrant colors of our mountain contribute to the fine art displayed at this yearly fair. After a day of browsing the booths, you’ll feel like you’ve visited the entire state, and there are enough variety of treasures here to decorate your world.

Vendor Applications Deadline: August 19, 2021


1. No Sale signs.

2. No vehicles in the park from 9 am to 5 pm.

3. Artists who have been accepted may begin setting up for the show on Sept. 17th. beginning at 10 am in Zenith Park behind the Chamber building on the main highway in town. Park security will be provided for Friday and Saturday nights.

4. Please complete the online application or print and mail to the office no later than August 18th, 2021.

5. We will have more apps than space and we would like to know if you are willing to be put on a waiting list. You May look at the map for preferences but seasoned vendors coming into the event 10+ years have set booth spaces.

Remember to have:

A completed online form paid with Paypal Credit Card services or form printed and mailed with a check or money order for the correct booth fees and photos to the Cloudcroft Chamber of Commerce.